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Leadership Training

Leadership Training Overview
VALUEUSA conducts face-to-face Leadership Trainings statewide with local program staff members and adult learners.
Our Leadership Training helps adult learners and staff members from local literacy programs to learn about working together in strengthening their program with a more consumer-driven leadership model. In conducting these trainings, VALUEUSA works with organizations to bring together learners and staff members to learn with and from each-other and to form a mutual support network for learner involvement and leadership.
Programs that have implemented what they learned through our Leadership Training report that there is a level of energy in the program not present beforehand. They also report that by working in partnership with learners for a more consumer-driven operation, learner involvement has enhanced recruitment, retention, resources, and reform.
These trainings were also part of a recent award winning research on student involvement in program improvement with final reports still being released.

Programs get tools and information to evaluate and improve their programs. Their clientele will be involved to help achieve this goal.
Also the clients will benefit from this training by learning critical thinking skills, organization structures, priority setting, organizing skills and strategic planning. The great aspect about these skills is they are all transferrable to the workforce and community.