Dear President: 

Whereas, the needs of 90 million adults in this country with low literacy skills are not being adequately addressed because the current adult basic education system: 

(1) serves less than 3 million adults each year using methods that require 3-5 years on average for an adult to achieve "functional literacy" and
(2) fails, for the most part, to meet the self-identified and evolving needs of today's workers and employers - needs that should redefine adult basic education; and

Whereas the vast majority of the remaining 87 million low-literate adults do not want to seek help from a system that looks like the schools that failed them in the past - a system that by its design continues to reinforce the stigma of adult low-literacy; 

Therefore, we, the undersigned, respectfully urge you to modernize and expand the adult basic education system in this country utilizing assistive technology that could fundamentally change the approach to adult basic education, meet the needs of low literate adults faster, and address biases and barriers in the process.