We Can Deliver Letters to Your Senators

While in Washington, D.C. VALUEUSA is able to hand-deliver letters directed at your Senators! We are doing this as we know that a good number of people who would like to join the Leadership Institute don't have the means to do so. That's why everyone is invited to write the letters and we will make sure to personally deliver a hard copy to each and every Senator. This way you can still be part of the event while not being in Washington, DC!

You can send us letters by e-mail at office@valueusa.org or a hard copy by mail at this address:        

1 West 2nd Street
Media, PA 19063

Look over these templates if you've never written a letter to a Senator before:  See Templates

ALLIES Research Report - Part 3

ALLIES Research Final Year Leadership Report: Connections of Critical Thinking Measures with Learner Experiences by Usha Paulson and Margaret Becker Patterson

This is the third on a series of reports for the ALLIES research project dedicated to evaluate how adult learners can benefit a program as they pursue learning and leadership goals.

Read previous reports here

National Adult Literacy Congress

30 years ago, the first national adult learner convention took place in Congress Hall, Philadelphia to address important literacy issues in the United States. Student representatives of adult literacy programs from 51 states voiced these issues and their recommended solutions. It was a first event of its kind in gathering student from around the country to address problems and discuss adult literacy.

Two years later, a second National Adult Literacy Congress was held in Washington, DC to go over into those issues more extensively.