Project Period: 2017 - 2018
Status: Completed

Critiquing Adult Participation in Education (CAPE) Research

VALUEUSA and Research Allies for Lifelong Learning 

Sponsored by the Dollar General Literacy Foundation, The CAPE research is a national research project designed to meet the needs for greater knowledge. According to PIAAC, millions of US adults need basic skills. Current adult education resources serve approximately 10% of these adults annually, leaving 30 million without participation. The deterrents and the solutions are pressing issues for policymakers and adult educators. The CAPE research will answer those questions by surveying adults in two states on their motivations to forego education and find solutions to boost participation.

Working with local organizations in a major city in your state and a small community nearby, CAPE plans to recruit diverse adults – in age, gender, ethnicity, disability, or employment status – to share their ideas in a one-time research visit. The target population will be age 18 or older, will have not completed high school or its equivalence in the USA, and will not currently be involved in adult or postsecondary education.

Reports by Margaret Patterson

Part 1  -  May 2018

Part 2  -  June 2018

Part 3  -  July 2018


Project Period: 2014 - 2016
Status: Completed

Adult Learner Leadership in Education Services (ALLIES) Research

VALUEUSA and Research Allies for Lifelong Learning

The purpose of the ALLIES national research project is to evaluate how adult learners can benefit a program as they pursue learning and leadership goals. VALUEUSA believes that adult learner leadership can improve services in an adult education (AE) program and boost adult learner outcomes. Adult learner leadership is defined as adult learner involvement in all components of the AE program. VALUEUSA leadership training, which will be used in this research, encourages learners to lead in design of instructional services, mentoring, and evaluation.

Reports by Margaret Patterson

Year 1  -  March 2016

Year 2  (Part 1 of 4)  -  September 2016

Year 2  (Part 2 of 4)  -  December 2016

Year 2  (Part 3 of 4)  -  January 2017

Year 2  (Part 4 of 4)  -  February 2017