• Conducts National Adult Learner Leadership Institute every two years (*)      
  • Conducts Leadership Training
  • Helps form or improve state learner organizations in six states and counting
  • Represents the views of adult learners on the National Coalition for Literacy (*)
  • Educates federal policy-makers about adult literacy from the consumer perspective every year (**)
  • Provides technical assistance to state and local programs around the country through our National Resource Center on Adult Learner Involvement and Leadership continuously (**)
  • Helps many other literacy organizations organize and put on workshops for adult learners in their regional, state, and national conferences continuously (**)
  • Assists national news media with their background research on adult literacy and connect them with adult learners for interviews and feature stories
  • Co-sponsors the Literacy President Initiative
  • Produced a Core Leadership Training Manual and developed a two-day training based on that manual  


(*) 1999- present 

(**) 2001- present

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